Female hair transplants

Hair transplant surgery was something of a God-send for balding men everywhere. Most recently however, women have begun to notice the benefits of the procedure especially for those with balding or patched hair.

Reasons for hair loss

Although a number of factors have been found and the reasons are as individual as the person. Some recurring explanations have been found:

1. High Stress levels.

2. Uncontrolled hormones (particularly after use of birth control pill).

3. Aging.

4. Trauma such as accidents or burning.

5. Hair straighteners and extensions.

General cost of procedure

The cost largely depends on how complex the surgery will be after consultation as well as the experience of the surgeon. This will cause the cost to be anywhere from $3,500 to $20,000.

Female hair transplant overview

Hair loss can lead to social withdrawal and depression. This is why the large success rate among patients has been a major pulling factor for the procedure. This has accounted for a rise in the amount of women enquiring about the procedure according to doctors.

A solution to an otherwise difficult situation, female hair transplant offer relief and has women of different backgrounds embracing the option. It is however advisable to conduct extensive research as is the case with any cosmetic surgery and always meet with the doctor personally. In addition, gettting more than one opinion on whether you are a potential candidate is must as well as managing expectations.