Shaving Advice – Quick Tips for A Better Shave

It is estimated that men spend more than 3,000 hours in their lifetime standing in front of the bathroom mirror with a shaver in their hands. If you’re going to spend that much time shaving, it’s best to learn the fastest and easiest ways for grooming.

Choose the right shaver. Choosing the right tool for the job is essential for a great shave. From high-end electric models, mid-range blades, or low-end disposables, razor choices are unlimited. Choosing the one that best suits the user’s wants, needs and style all depends on what feels the best.

-Disposable razors are quick and cheap. Preferred by travelers, these inexpensive throw-away blades are recommended for single use only, and come in a variety of styles and sizes. Check the razor aisle at your local store to see which one fits your budget and lifestyle the best.

-Non-electric razors cut hair closer to the skin, leaving a smoother shave. Straight razors are the best, but can cause serious injury when not used properly. Double-edge razors are popular among the do-it-at-home crowd. They can last up to 10 shaves and offer a nice close cut.

-Electric razors come in two main styles: rotary and foil head. With a rotary shaver, the cutting blades spin behind slotted bars to allow whiskers to poke through, while foil head razors sport a thin, flexible screen with rapidly moving blades underneath that move in a back-and-forth motion.

Have The Right Accessories. Once the user has picked the perfect shaver, it is time to choose the right accessories in order to prevent razor burn. Pre-shave cleansers and gels have been designed to help prevent uncomfortable razor bumps. Choose unscented shaving creams and powders, especially if you have fair or sensitive skin. End the shaving session with a quick rinse and a splash of soothing non-alcohol based aftershave.

Know The Right Moves. For a clean, smooth shave try these tips:

-Exfoliate weekly to help remove dead skin cells and free trapped hair.

-Thoroughly wet skin. Wetter hair is easier to shave, pulling less, and causing less irritation.

-Pull you razor in a single smooth motion from the side burn, toward the jaw for a more efficient shave.

-Shave with the grain of your hair growth.

-Relax. Never stretch or pull the skin while shaving. Cutting the hairs below the surface of the skin increases the risk of uncomfortable ingrown hair.

-Avoid shaving over razor bumps. They may become even more inflamed and bleed. If possible, avoid shaving that area for a day or two.

-Replace disposable blades often. A sharp blade is essential for a sharp shave. Disposable razors are just that – disposable. They are intended for one use only. The razors in replaceable blade razors should be changed every 8-10 shaves or when the blade begins to dull. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for changing electric blade heads.